Land Rover Defender Conversions
2016 VW Caddy Maxi Highline campervan for sale with low-emission Euro 6 Bluemotion engine.
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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defenders can be converted to make the ideal overland camper, fit for wild camping on any terrain or glamping in style closer to home. Their historical popularity for customisation has also inspired a huge range of accessories and modular add-ons that will transform your Defender 110 or 130 into one of the most robust and iconic campers, on and off the road.


I specialise in natural wooden interiors, custom built to the design and finish of your choice. Inspired by boat building techniques, and using only marine-grade products and fittings, each interior is made to weather a fully-outdoor experience.


By modelling your interior in CAD, every last detail is moulded to the interior framework to maximise space and access a variety of appliances and utilities you’d never believe would fit.


You can come to me at any stage of your project to discuss how to bring your vision from concept to reality.


From an initial set of measurements of your vehicle, the interior layout will be modelled using CAD software. This design can be modified until you are happy to proceed, at which point the interior will be handcrafted to the specification of your choice.


For Land Rover conversions, I partner with specialists to fit major electrical, LPG and plumbing systems and any other structural installations such as raising roofs, awnings and chassis-mounted water tanks. You can commission me at any stage of your project, or we can plan your conversion from the beginning alongside approved workshops.


The design for these interior units has been inspired by joinery in wooden boats, where structural integrity, changing atmospheric conditions, and versatility of space are all essential considerations.


A wooden interior won’t necessarily weigh you down. With each project my signature design has evolved to optimise the materials used to produce slimmer and lighter units, so that what looks solid from the outside won’t hold you back.


In collaboration with local Gas Safe engineers, we can install refillable LPG tanks mounted beneath the chassis of your Land Rover Defender.


A 12 or 15 litre gas cylinder will keep you topped up for weeks on end, and can be easily and cheaply refilled at any service station that supplies LPG. An electric solenoid allows you to isolate the system at the press of a button, and provides an LED gauge to display your current fuel level.


The filler point can be fitted on the side of the vehicle, or at the rear with an optional outlet to hook up your portable stove or gas barbecue. With an undermounted air heater, you can even have warm air piped into your interior without taking up crucial space.