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Bespoke van conversions range from motorhome-sized panel vans designed for off-grid travel in all seasons, to microcampers fit for weekend breaks and stealth camping.
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I specialise in bespoke joinery, handcrafted to the specification of your choice. A wooden interior won’t necessarily weigh you down. My signature designs have evolved to produce slimmer and lighter units that optimise lightness of weight and versatility of space for the demands of life on the open road.

Custom van conversions range from motorhome-sized panel vans equipped for off-grid travel in all seasons, to microcampers fit for weekend breaks and stealth camping. For those who are taking their van builds one stage at a time, I provide individual units of furniture tailor made for any vehicle.

Microcamping provides an excellent compromise between the size of a fully equipped motorhome and the convenience of being able to travel economically with essential facilities in a vehicle the size of a large car.

A discreet microvan allows you to camp off the beaten track without drawing attention. With a 12v power system, you can still be equipped with an electric coolbox, a variety of lighting, and multiple charging options.

A custom van conversion gives you the freedom to buy the van of your choice and build a personal living space that feels like home. I specialise in natural wooden interiors, handcrafted to the design and finish of your choice.

Services range from providing entire interior suites to individual units of furniture. You can commission me at any stage of your project, or I can manage your full conversion alongside approved workshops.

These combination bench seats can come in a variety of configurations and extend out to nearly double their width. The bed can be built as a stand-alone item, or to fit into around existing furniture such as over a wheel-arch.

With a simple mechanism of hidden support rails, the bed pulls out to nearly double its width while the slats remain firmly in place. When closed back into the seat position, the top lifts up as one piece to access the storage within.


I have developed a signature design that has evolved with experience, but each van is created with a one-off, bespoke interior customised to the individual needs of its owner.


Handcrafted joinery designed with the changing elements in mind is at the heart of each interior, finished with durable hardwood to a high standard with sharp attention to detail.


Some things are best left to the experts.
I work with professional installers to ensure all gas and electric systems are fitted to certified standards.