Campervan Conversions
Bird Box House specialises in natural wooden interiors for campervan conversions, with custom designs handcrafted to the design and finish of your choice.
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Campervan Conversions

A custom van conversion gives you the freedom to buy the van of your choice and build a personal living space that feels like home.


We specialise in natural wooden interiors, handcrafted to a range of designs and specifications to suit your requirements – from full conversions to individual units of furniture to fit within an existing layout.


For camper van conversions, we partner with specialist technicians to install major electrical, LPG and plumbing systems for a professional finish throughout.


You can come to me at any stage of your project to discuss how to bring your vision from concept to reality.


From an initial set of measurements of your van, the interior layout will be modelled in 3D using CAD software. This design can be modified until you are happy to proceed, at which point the interior will be handcrafted to the specification of your choice.


The interior designs for our camper vans has been inspired by joinery in wooden boats, where both structural integrity and versatility of space is essential.


A wooden interior won’t necessarily weigh you down. With each project our signature design has evolved to optimise the materials used to produce slimmer and lighter units, so that what looks solid from the outside won’t hold you back.


Natural wood will shift slightly with changing atmospheric conditions, so our cabinets are made to accommodate any movement as they are exposed to different levels of temperature and humidity.


There are a whole host of features to consider when designing a van conversion, and the final specification will naturally have a significant bearing on the budget.


The main considerations will be your interior layout and how this will incorporate your sleeping arrangement. The next step is to select the extent of the appliances you would like, which will inform what electrical, LPG and plumbing systems will be required to supply them.


Listed below are the main factors to consider when deciding your specification:

Seating and bed configuration

Insulation / carpet lining / wood cladding

Windows / roof lights / poptop roofs

Refrigeration - side loading / top loading / portable electric cooler box

Kitchen - Gas oven, grill & hob burners - combination or separate units

Combination sink with hob burner or separate units / cold or mixer taps

Fresh and waste water storage and plumbing system

Hot water - Usually gas and/or 240v - for internal taps and showers or an external shower hose point

Blown air heater - powered by gas, underslung beneath the vehicle and ducted into the interior

Toilets - built in cassette toilets or storage for movable Porta Pottis

Underslung gas tank with filler for service station top up / Internal locker for replaceable cylinders

LED lighting array

Sockets and USB charger points

Leisure batteries - regular / AGM / lithium

Inverters to convert 12v power to 240v mains when off-grid

Inlet for 240v mains hook up

Solar panels & smart battery chargers