Custom bed units
Combination bench seats custom-made to the specification of any campervan layout or bedding configuration
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Bespoke furniture

Custom bed units

These combination bench seats are custom-made to your specification, whatever the vehicle model and whatever configuration or layout you require.


With a simple mechanism of hidden support rails, the bed pulls out to nearly double its width while the slats remain firmly in place. When closed back into the seat position, the top lifts up as one piece to access the storage within.


The bed can be built as a stand-alone item, or to fit into around existing furniture such as over a wheel-arch.

Prices start at £450

From an initial set of measurements of your van, your choice of configuration is drawn up using 3D CAD software. This design can be modified until you are happy to proceed, at which point the bench will be handcrafted from quality birch plywood with panels made from the timber of your choice.


The bed is usually attached to either the floor or walls depending on the van and its location within it. If the vehicle does not have a ply floor, captive nuts can be riveted into the metal floor of the van chassis so that the unit can be bolted in and out of the van when required.


This bench seat was designed to fit in a VW Transporter Kombi.


When the front row of seats is removed, the bench occupies the full length of the interior and extends to nearly double its width to make a 4ft 6″ bed.


When the front row of seats are in place, the unit splits in two and reconfigures to make one bench across the rear of the vehicle. Cupboard doors allow for access to the storage within from the rear doors.