VW Transporter rock and roll bed
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VW Transporter rock and roll bed

This combination bench bed unit is designed to fit inside an existing VW Transporter camper conversion interior to replace a traditional metal-framed rock and roll bed. If you don’t need belted seats in the rear of your camper van, this versatile unit will provide a larger seating space on the same footprint as your old bed.


The advantage of a wooden bench seat is a significant increase in storage space, and a design that maximises the available space so that you have a bed that extends to every corner of the interior, typically measuring 190 x 115cm.


The storage space can be configured to your own specification. In this version, a Thetford Porta Potti was incorporated in a rear-facing drawer, on heavy duty runners which meant it could be either used in situ or lifted out of the van.


Prices start at £950