Defender 110 Venture Camper
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Defender 110 Venture Camper

Venture is a 110 Land Rover Defender modified for demanding terrain and fitted with custom built beds, storage, and kitchen. The interior has a light but solid ash timber framework bolted together with stainless steel fittings, with marine ply cupboard doors. From the natural wooden furniture to the diamond ply panelling, each custom piece is moulded to the contours of the vehicle to maximise space and complement the iconic Land Rover styling.


The Alu Cab Icarus raising roof fitted by Nene Overland allowed space for a false floor which houses two heavy duty drawers – one for the kitchen pod and the other to hold to Frontrunner Cub Pack storage boxes.


Beneath the 180 degree awning, a generous fridge accessed from the side door is on hand for a cool beverage or milky tea, whatever the conditions dictate. The kitchen pod is fuelled by a 15 litre underslung gas tank supplied by Propex Heatsource, which can be topped up at any LPG service station.