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Bespoke van conversions range from motorhome-sized panel vans designed for off-grid travel in all seasons, to microcampers fit for weekend breaks and stealth camping.
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Bespoke joinery


Custom van conversions range from motorhome-sized panel vans tailor made for off-grid travel in all seasons, to microcampers fit for weekend breaks and stealth camping further afield. All are designed with handcrafted living areas that optimise the available space and finished to a high standard.

The VW Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter offer the perfect sized panel van to build a comfortable living space with standing room and space for every convenience you need to be self-sufficient on the road.

The kitchen holds appliances powered by both electricity and gas, with a seating area that converts to create a berth for two adults, and a separate wet room with a toilet and shower so that you are never tied to campsite facilities.

Microcamping in a VW Caddy provides an excellent compromise between the size of a fully equipped motorhome and the convenience of being able to travel with essential facilities in a vehicle the size of a large car.

A discreet microvan allows you to camp off the beaten track without drawing attention. With a 12v power system, you can still be equipped with an electric coolbox, a variety of lighting, and multiple charging options.


I am yet to stamp my mark on a Transporter, whose classic models have spanned the generations from the split-screen kombis to the latest T6. This iconic van lends itself perfectly to creating the ultimate campervan.


The original VW bus made the ideal campervan, and the Transporter remains as popular today for conversions. They have the potential to be as versatile as a Crafter with a few compromises for the more compact size.


I have developed a signature design that has evolved with experience, but each van is created with a one-off, bespoke interior customised to the individual needs of its owner.


Handcrafted joinery designed with the changing elements in mind is at the heart of each interior, finished with durable hardwood to a high standard with sharp attention to detail.


Some things are best left to the experts.
I work with professional installers to ensure all gas and electric systems are fitted to certified standards.